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Creating a common leadership language across the global locations.
Results—A cross cultural language and leadership style that gives more flexibility to move talent across different continents within the NOL Group.
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Developing senior business leaders who have a comprehensive vision for achieving company-wide objectives.
Results—Nearly 70 percent of program participants have been promoted.
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Providing tools to guide development opportunities.
Results—A succinct interviewing process and improved leadership skills among its leaders in Asia.
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Structured development of hi-potential leaders from within Russia.
Results—60 high potential senior leaders need to be fast-tracked by 2011. From initial 12 through the programme in 2007, 8 have already been promoted and one to the Operating committee.
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Effective Leadership Across the Globe.
Results—150 Managers and their 300 direct reports have the tools and techniques to own and drive development. Kick-started a learning culture, reinforced through behaviours and confidence in line managers.
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Developing a global sales force to grow revenue from $1 billion to $4 billion in just four years.
Results—Tripled sales revenues within three years, from $1 billion to $3 billion. An additional $1 billion increase in revenue was realized the following year.
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Developing global leadership talent—virtually.
Results—Leader behaviour change was comparable—even superior—to measured behaviour change after classroom training.
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Creating a global pipeline of ‘ready now’ senior leaders.
Results—Identifying potential and diagnosing the readiness of leaders as the basis for individual development plans focussed on achieving business priorities.
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A complex organisation streamlines its global approach to training.
Results—Delivered a unified core leadership development curriculum to more than 11000 leaders in 35 countries. Centralised approach has established a common use of leadership terminology across Philips organisation.
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Selecting the right talent for a new plant.
Results—2,000 high-quality hires from more than 85,000 applications using processes that candidates rate highly.
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